Hi and a huge special thank you for visiting my little corner of the internet ! I truly hope you enjoy it and continue to stop by in.

Here’s a little bit about myself… my name is Jackie, I’m a super simple 30 something year old modern day mom who calls New York City home. I am a huge fan of everything SIMPLE!! Life can totally be complicated at times so why not make it as simple as possible? My two girls were a major motivation to putting my fears aside and creating this blog.


Gianna is 14 years old and is my sweetie pie. She usually laughs at my stories of ” Once upon a time mom was cool and a teenager too ” , but for the most part she thinks I’m “not cool” and finds me “annoying “


Sofia is 7 years old and is my bossy pants. Gosh this girl has energy, sass and attitude! She’s an animal lover and the ultimate broadway musicals fan!

By now you’re probably thinking “ oh no, another lifestyle blog” or perhaps even “So what’s so different about this blog then the others?”…… Well, hear me out for a minute (or two …okay go grab a glass of wine ) I created this blog with the hopes to share all the things I love and enjoy about life in general. You know, the ups, the downs, all things Beauty, wellness, and fashion, but mainly to be able to express my opinions through my own creative way of writing. I wanted to add one very special ingredient to this blog ( I’m very passionate about advocating for self-love) and that is to inspire and motivate others in any little way that I could.

My ultimate inspiration for Simpleholic Diva is that we are currently living and raising our children in the era of social media, I would be lying if I said I didn’t find myself worrying about what our youth are seeing on these sites. Granted my 7 year old has a long time before she’s scrolling though post but I do have a teen and let’s face it , social media sites have cultivated a generation that has set EXTREME UNREALISTIC beauty standards and lifestyles. Don’t get me wrong , I’m a HUGE lover of everything beauty but I do admit it some things have just simply gotten out of hand. Every day more studies are showing a all time high in our culture of self-esteem issues amongst women, and even men comparing their partners to these “ online mystical women”  ….. what I’m trying to say is That I want not only my girls but also every girl/ women out there to know that YES it’s ok to be comfortable in your skin! And NO we shouldn’t fall for all the glitter and shine that social media keeps feeding us because not all of it is as real( there are apps that completely transform your body with killer abs, slimmer waist and a small nose along with everything else you can imagine ) and perfect as we may think. It’s totally ok to be simply BEAUTIFL without all the extreme beauty procedures, the extremely expensive designer clothes and the glam lifestyles

And with all that in mind SimpleholicDiva.com was born.

My promise to you all is that every thing I write about, share and review will be SIMPLY REAL!

Xoxo Jackie


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