Learn Your Basic Personality Traits Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Either you are a Zodiac expert, dab in the zodiac pond here and there, or are a complete newbie, one thing is for sure, you can’t run away from someone asking you ” what’s your zodiac sign?” …and either you right away know what to answer, you stay confused as to what a zodiac sign even is, or ask yourself why do people right away judge you based on it ?

I wanted to write a post to give you guys a basic understanding of what Zodiac Signs are, their meanings and a brief description of the personality traits associated to each sign as well as some fun and useful facts.

 Your Zodiac sign reflects the position of the sun when you were born. There are 12 Zodiac signs in total. With it’s strong influence on your personality, your character and emotions your sign is a powerful tool for understanding yourself, your relationships and those around you.

I won’t keep you waiting …. lets get started!

Aries ( March 21- April 20 )

img_9443Aries are independent and courageous. They enjoy leading others and bringing excitement into the lives of others.

Lucky Gems: Diamond

Love Matches: Sagittarius 

Color: Red

Strengths: independent, generous, optimistic, enthusiastic, courageous

Weakness: moody, short tempered, self-involved, impulsive, impatient

Taurus ( April 21 – May 21 )

img_9442Taurus are solid and fight for what they want. A Taurus is very easy going but can also be stubborn. They can be procrastinators but also have a good work ethic.

Lucky Gems: Emerald

Love Matches: Cancer & Virgo

Color: Pink

Strengths: dependable, persistent, loyal, patient

Weakness: stubborn, laziness, impulsive, restless, devious

Gemini ( May 22 – June 21 ) 

img_9441Geminis have many sides and are known for their energy. They are very talkative and are considered social butterflies. A Gemini will always take their lives in the direction they want to go.

Lucky Gems: Tiger’s eye

Love Matches: Aries & Leo

Color: Yellow 

Strengths: energetic, clever, imaginative, witty

Weakness: superficial, impulsive, restless, devious

Cancer ( June 22 – July 22 )

img_9440This sign is market by inconsistency. They enjoy security but also seek adventure. A Cancer is not very predictable and always keeps others guessing.

Lucky Gems: Pearls

Love Matches: Capricorns

Color: White

Strengths: loyalty, dependable, caring, adaptable, responsive

Weakness: Moody, clingy, self-pitying, over sensitive 

Leo ( July 23 – August 21 ) 

img_9439A Leo is very devoted, they are also very self-conscious. Leos can be very kind and generous. They are best known for being hot tempered and moody, yet forgiving.

Lucky Gems: Carnelian

Love Matches: Libra

Color: Gold

Strengths: confident, ambitious, generous, loyal

Weakness: domineering, melodramatic, stubborn, vain, arrogant

Virgo (August 22 – September 23 )

img_9438Virgos are very mind oriented. They are constantly analyzing and thinking. Virgos enjoy bettering themselves and those around them as well.

Lucky Gems: Peridot

Love Matches: Cancer

Color: Silver

Strengths: observant, helpful, reliable, analytical 

Weakness: skeptical, fussy, cold, interfering 

Libra ( September 24 – October 23 }

img_9437Libras are known for their diplomatic nature. They get along well with everyone and are ambitious. They have very expensive taste and work hard to earn money.

Lucky Gems: Sapphire 

Love Match: Aries 

Color: Blue

Strengths: diplomatic, graceful, peaceful

Weakness: superficial, vain, indecisive, unreliable 

Scorpio ( October 24 – November 22 )

img_9436Scorpios are very intense. They like to question everything and work hard at making sense of things. They treat others with kindness and loyalty.

Lucky Gems: Opal

Love Matches: Taurus 

Color: Black

Strengths: loyal, passionate, resourceful. observant, dynamic

Weakness: jealous, obsessive, suspicious, manipulative

Sagittarius ( November 22 – December 22 }

img_9435Sagittarius have a very positive outlook on life. They have vibrant personalities and enjoy meeting new people, but they can also be very reckless.

Lucky Gems: Topaz

Love Matches: Gemini 

Color: Purple

Strengths: independent, open minded, generous

Weakness: unemotional, impersonal, impatient 

Capricorn ( December 23 – January 20) 


Capricorns are marked by their ambitious nature. They have very active minds and always have to be in control of their lives.

Lucky Gems: Onyx

Love Matches: Cancer

Color: Brown

Strengths: responsible, patient, ambitious, resourceful, loyal

Weakness: dictatorial, inhibited, conceited, distrusting, unimaginative 

Aquarius ( January 21 – February 19 ) 

img_9433Aquarius don’t always care what others think about them. They take each opportunity they have and work towards formulating new ideas.

Lucky Gems: Turquoise

Love Matches: Leo

Color: Turquoise

Strengths: witty, clever, humanitarian, original

Weakness: stubborn, unemotional, sarcastic, rebellious 

Pisces ( February 20 – March 20 ) 

img_9432Pisces are extremely sensitive and reserved. They like to escape from reality. Pisces are in facet very good listeners and friends.

Lucky Gems: Moonstone

Love Matches: Virgo

color: Green

Strengths: compassionate, adaptable, accepting, devoted, imaginative

Weakness: oversensitive, indecisive, self- pitying, lazy, escapist 










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