Simple Ways to Care for Your Hair According to it’s Type

Let’s face it, we all want beautiful and healthy hair. We will even go through extreme and great measures to try ( at least once) any remedy or technique that promises to get our precious strands to look and feel it’s very best. It can also become very overwhelming trying to shop for the right products for our hair considering the thousands of hair products with different labels for many different hair types, textures and colors, but it shouldn’t be overwhelming nor confusing if we get to know and understand our hair type.

I have pretty much tried all kinds of products for many different hair types since me and my daughter’s all have different textures. I have wavy fine hair, my oldest has coiled thick hair and my youngest has fine straight hair… now I’m a mini expert!!

I put together this super simple guide to help you identify your hair type and learn how to care for it without any added stress or confusion.



The 3 types of straight hair are:

  1. fine and gets oily
  2. medium with some valium
  3. course and hard to hold a curl

Care Tips: Healthy straight hair can in fact be strong, but also tends to go limp/flat. Choosing a voliumizing shampoo and conditioner will help add some bounce and body to your strands.

If you hair falls under the category 1 ( fine and oily) or 2 ( medium with some valium) you should apply your conditioner to the mid-lenghts and ends of your hair and not your scalp.

If your hair is a 2 ( medium with some valium ) or 3 ( course and hard to hold a curl) you should try using a leave-in conditioner for extra moisture with out heaviness.


The 3 types of wavy hair are:

  1. fine with a S shape
  2. medium S shape and sometimes frizzes
  3. course S shape and frizzy

Care Tips: Wavy hair is usually on the drier side, so infuse it with lots of moisture. When shopping for a shampoo and conditioner go for a gentle hydrating one.

Finer hair needs to be washed more often then thicker hair, about twice a week. As for thicker hair every five days is good, seven if it’s course.


The 3 types of curly hair are:

  1. loose ringlets
  2. tight curls
  3. corkscrews

Care Tips: For curly hair hydration and frizz control is key! Also start using a sulfate free shampoo.

If your hair type is a 2 ( tight curl) or 3 ( corkscrew) between weekly washes you should try the method of no-poo ( applying conditioner instead of shampoo to wet hair and rinsing it out ) many curly haired women swear by this method!

Always remember to apply frizz cream to wet or damped hair.


The 3 types of coiled hair are :

  1. tight springs
  2. Z shaped
  3. Very tight coils or Z shaped

Care Tips: Try a weekly strengthening treatment. Coconut oil is inexpensive and has tons of great benefits for coiled hair. You Should apply the coconut oil to dry hair, let it marinate in your hair for 30 minutes and then shampoo your hair. Also start using deep conditioners and hair mask as they will be your hair’s new best friend

I hope this guide was useful and informative for your hair needs! As always please feel free to comment or share your hair tips with me as well!

xoxoxo Jackie!






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