How the fitness industry has been lying to you via social media

Being healthy and fit is important for living a long life, but it can also become a dangerous obsession, with far more negative outcomes then positives.

Over the years our feeds on social media have become filled with what seems like the never ending “self-proclaimed fitness models” and “fitness coaches”. Many of these so called experts are not even certified and have zero credibility or knowledge. They keep misleading you left to right with fake, altered, staged and photo shopped images that can be dangerous to the viewer who’s clueless and desperate to achieve “the perfect body” , while not realizing that these “fitness models” do not even look like their photos in real live!

Thanks to social media we are more connected then ever before, but with everything good comes a lot of bad. You see, our current generation lives on social media often botraying themselves as the person they want or think they should be ….and sadly not who they are in real life.

Lets use Instagram as the perfect example… We may not want to admit it but it’s almost all very much superficial since it’s a platform based on photos and videos, making the main focus on how we look … not entirely a bad thing depending of course on how you use it…..Which brings us back to the “fitness models”. Don’t get me wrong, some of these women are very beautiful and may seem flawless. They often compete and win awards and mostly all of them land some pretty awesome sponsorships…and here is where the fitness industry have been lying to you!

These girls get tons of products sent to them for free in exchange for them to simply snap a few staged photos of themselves claiming to use these products on a daily bases to either proclaim weight loss, aids in staying toned or whatever they’ve been instructed to say. They get paid to promote without having zero knowledge on the product and worst, if it even works or not! You have to keep in mind that’s it’s their jobs to stay lean all year round as their income depends on their ability to be camara ready in order to be able to sale the lie. They will make you believe that if you use these products and buy their online fitness plans that you too will look like they do ( in photos of course ) It’s important to point out that some of these women work hard for their bodies with rigorous training and very disciplined eating regimes….but yet, it comes with a physical, social and emotional cost. Through out the years some of these women have came out with the ugly and very dangerous truths in various interviews, via there own blogs and published books. In photos it may all seem so glorious but the other side of it all , the dark side that many don’t dare or perhaps care to speak out on is extremely dark, filled with eating disorders, body dysplasia, self-esteem issues, drastic plastic surgeries and dangerous black market prescriptions and athletic performance supplements.

The “perfect fitness body” shape is now the ” ideal” shape that many women all over America aspire to have. Unfortunately, this is neither healthy or realistic. Allow me to explain before anyone gets offended. Some women and men alike, are just simply genetically lean and already have toned abs regardless of what they eat or how intense their workouts may be. Others work out like crazy and carry super strict diets but because of their genetics or health related issues will never see a 6 pack because for example, they may always be bloated. I personally know a few girls who became  Instagram fitness models and have gotten some cosmetic work done to help them achieve that ” perfect fitness body” which include, Hi-Def liposuction   ( you walk out the cosmetic office with a 6 pack a few hours later) , Fat transfer to the buttocks , and a lot of body treatments at spas such as  tightening of the skin and cellulite treatments to just name a few.

I believe we should all strive to live a healthy lifestyle according to our own lifestyles and we should achieve to be our own kind of fit in a realistic manner. I know it’s impossible to stay off social media but what I have found to work for me is to just not follow these ” fitness models” and their fake photos anymore, who I do follow these days ,are real life women who are on real life journeys genuinely sharing real life photos of their progress , real life foods and products that they do use and love but most importantly women who seek to motivate and inspire us to learn to love our bodies with all our imperfections and to praise the many different shapes and sizes that we all have because not just one shape defines the meaning of beautiful and sexy. We are all beautiful!


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