3 Super Simple Thanksgiving Cocktails that will Wow your Guest!

Thanksgiving is the time of the year that we all gather around the table to give thanks for our many blessings with our loved once, as we eat, drink, laugh and completely skip on our diets for at least one day!

November 23rd is fast approaching ( where has this year gone?) and before you know it we’ll be wrapped up in the madness of planning the “perfect” Thanksgiving dinner, either for a small gathering or a huge banquet style dinner for our family and friends. Regardless of the size of your dinner you will be soon planning what delicious side dishes you’ll be serving with your turkey and what epic desserts you will be baking …by now you’re all stressed out and have zero energy to even think about anuy kind of drinks.

But what is a holiday with out a cocktail to make things go smoothly?…yes you’re right, aunt Mary will bring her favorite red wine , and your brother will bring a case of beer….but just in case that you perhaps wanted to shake things up just a bit and make your Thanksgiving cocktails a bit more festive and fun, I’ve got you covered honey! Here are 3 super easy and simple cocktail recipes to wow the whole family, even the most grumpiest of the bunch!


Cranberry Champagne Mimosa


What’s a toast to happiness and health with out a glass of champagne? Let’s add a twist to the traditional Thanksgiving Day toast with this fun and tasty mimosa!


  • Champagne bottle of your choice
  • cranberry juice
  • lime, sliced in wedges
  • fresh or frozen cranberries


  • in a chilled champagne flute add cranberry juice ( about less then half of the glass)
  • squeeze one lime wedge into the juice and toss into the glass
  • fill the rest of the glass with the champagne
  • garnish with 3 or 4 cranberries


Apple Pie Sangria



Who doesn’t love a sangria filled with yummu fruits ? I have to say that this one is my favorite! The best part of this cocktail is that you can make one nice big batch and your guest just serve themselves! Here is a sweet and fun spin to sangria.


  • 2 bottles of any white wine
  • 5 cups of apple cider
  • 1 cup of caramel Vodka
  • 4 granny smiths apples, chopped
  • 2 pears, chopped
  • 2 cinnamon sticks
  • 2 cups ginger ale

Directions  * Please note this recipe is done in two steps


  • cut the fruit and place on the bottom of your large pitcher or jug
  • combine the wine, apple cider, and vodka into your pitcher or jug and stir all the ingredients together till it’s all mixed
  • place in your refrigerator until you are ready to serve


  • now that you are about to serve your awesome sangria, add the cinnamon sticks into the pitcher or jug
  • stir everything so its all evenly mixed
  • add the ginger ale
  • serve over ice and enjoy


Apple Cranberry Moscow Mule


A Moscow Mule is always a crowd pleaser no matter the occasion! It’s also way easier to make then you would expect it to be, and you can also make this recipe in one big pitcher ( like the Apple Pie Sangria) instead of having to make individuals.


  • 2 cups of Vodka
  • 1 cup of cranberry apple juice
  • 1/4 cups of freshly squeezed lime juice
  • 2 (750 ml) bottles of ginger beer
  • 1/2 cups of fresh cranberries
  • 1/2 cups of apples , chopped


  • add the vodka, cranberry apple juice, lime juice, and ginger beer into your large pitcher
  • Stir till it’s all evenly mixed
  • add in the cranberries and apples
  • you can refrigerate it and serve it later or serve it right away over ice


I hope you all enjoy these Thanksgiving Cocktail recipes as they are very easy and simple to incorporate into your Thanksgiving Day feast and festivities!









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