Surprising Benefits of Chewing Gum 

As we know it chewing gum is a habit that can easily cause a debate over it being “bad” or “good” for you. We’ve been chewing on the sticky stuff since the early 1850’s, and it’s pretty safe to say that in now a days gum has definitely come a long way .. we have every flavor imaginable, different sizes and shapes they even serve various purposes like boost energy and whitening your teeth.There’s even medicated gum and nicotine gum.

Recent research now shows that chewing gum can help clean your teeth, curve your cravings and even make you smarter!!! 

Below are a round up of the surprising benefits chewing gum offers. 

Brain – chewing gum may improve your powers of concentration. In one study gum chewers were much faster and accurate at a mental task then those who weren’t chewing gum at the same time. Other research has found that chewing gum fires up your neurons increasing brain signal in five different regions. 

Teeth – The sugarless variety can be good for your teeth after all according to the American Dental Association (ADA) it increases the flow of saliva which helps neutralize and wash away teeth harming acid from your food.

Belly- Study subjects who chewed a piece of gum for 45 minutes after lunch snacked 10% less later, leading researchers to believe that a stick of gum may suppress hunger. 

GI Track – The most surprising of all is that chewing gum can help you poop better! C-section patients who typically have trouble returning to their regular GI routines post op resumed regular bowl movements faster after chewing gum 3 days a day. Researchers believe chewing gum may jump-start the digestive system. 

*Fun Fact remember your mom always telling you “don’t swallow your gum cause it will stick to the walls of your stomach “? … well scientists say otherwise…while yes it’s true that your body can not digest gum it actually moves through your digestive system in no more time then any other substance that isn’t easily digestible such as corn. 

Now all of us gum chewers and bubble blowers can carry on with peace of mind! Just stay away from the sugary kind ! 


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