What can your Acne be telling you about your health? 

Let’s talk acne…we all get them ( some more then others) and we all hate them especially since they seem to show up when we least need them to! Like if we’re going on a date, interview, wedding day or just ruining what would had been the “perfect selfie”! Do you ever just wonder why do we keep getting these unwanted yucky pimples? … yeah we all miss our facial cleansing rituals here and there( I’m totally guilty of always falling asleep with my makeup on) but what’s really the deal with these unwanted and uninvited breakouts? 

Turns out that our pimples may in fact be trying to tell us something about our health! …The next time you’re experience a breakout pay close attention to the location in your face in which you are having the breakout. 

Face mapping is a Chinese theory that suggest that depending on the location of your acne it could present clues as to what’s causing it, meaning that if there is a problem with a specific organ in your body then your acne will show up in a certain location. 

So what are those suckers trying to tell us ?


 The problem  digestive system (anything from bloating, gas or constipation ) 

What to do – cut down on processed food especially junk food, reduce the amount of fat in your daily diet and drink tons of water. 

Between the brows 

The problem – your liver 

What to do – cut down on greasy foods,dairy and definitely on those Margaritas ( alcohol). Food allergies may also be a factor, so pay attention to the ingredients in your meals. 

Around the eyes 

The problem – your kidneys 

What to do – anything around the eyes including dark circles all indicate to dehydration, again make sure to always drink plenty of water. 

The nose 

The problem – your heart/blood pressure 

What to do – Check your blood pressure and vitamin B levels. Eat less spicy foods and cut down on meat. Try replacing the “bad fats” with “good fats” like omega 3 and 6 which are found in nuts, avocados, fish and flax seeds.


The problem – your Respiratory system 

What to do – do you smoke or have allergies? Try improving the quality of air you breath by purchasing a air purifier for your home…. also please note that our cellphones are full of germs and dirty pillow cases can also be the culprit. 

Chin and Jawline 

The problem – hormonal imbalances 

What to do – this one is a bit tricky since by just simply being a women we are automatically subjected to anything causing us to have hormonal imbalances resulting in irregular periods, headaches, fatigue, change in appetite and mood swings. Try to always get enough sleep, eat a nutritional diet, excerise to reduce stress and as an option if your periods are really out of wack some birth control may actually help . 

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