Everything You Need To Know Before Getting Eyelash Extensions 

By now we’ve all come across the many “before and after” pictures of women who have gotten eyelash extensions, making us all lust for fuller,longer, and thicker lashes ! From the looks of it all it seems pretty simple and painless! I mean how bad or hard can it be to make an appointment, close your eyes for a while and wahlaaaaaa! Perfect sexy lashes!!!! 

As easy as that sounds just hold on a minute before you go off to call your local salon/spa to get “lashed up” there are somethings  you might want to know and take into consideration before hand .

What are Eyelash Extensions?

First of all ,false eyelashes ( they come in a strip ) and Eyelash “Extensions”are not the same! Falsies are temporary meaning you wear them for a few hours a day. You also apply and remove them yourself , while Eyelash Extensions are semi-permanent, lasting up to 12 weeks and a technician has to apply and remove them for you(. 

Eyelash extensions are fake individual extensions that are literally glued one by one to your natural lashes. The extensions grow out with your natural lash and fall off with them as well. 

There are three different eyelash extensions you can choose from: synthetic,silk, and mink. All three range in different sizes,styles and of course price. The pricing depends on what you chose and the Salon/Spa/lash bar you attend. Typically it can cost you from $100 to up to $500 for your first full set ( keep in mind I’m in NYC everything is more expensive here ) and $40 to $75 for fill ins which you will definitely need every two to four weeks… sooo if you just did the math then yup you right!It can get a bit pricey! 

Now that we are fully acquainted with what they are and how much it will cost us ( round about) let’s get to the real stuff! The good, the bad and the ugly!

The Good 

Let’s just start with … THEY LOOK AMAZING!!!!! …. You wake up every morning with super full lashes without having to apply any mascara on! Dab some B.B. cream on your face and you’re good to go! And for those who have very little natural lashes this is a total miracle !

The Bad 

With great fabulous lashes come GREAT responsibility’s. Like I mentioned before you have to upkeep them by filling them in every 2-4 weeks, if you don’t your “sexy “ lashes will actually end up looking like “spider legs” and that is not a pretty look! 

After your just had them applied you must wait 12-24 hours before washing your face since getting water directly onto your new “sexy” lashes can weaken the adhesive (glue) and cause them to fall prematurely… quick question,..Have you ever blow dried your eyes? .. Well you’re about to start doing that every time you wash your face! ( nope I’m not kidding) after each shower or cleansing of your face you have to lightly blow dry your lashes so that they don’t dry up in criss cross formation giving you once again those ugly AF “spider legs” lashes which is a big no no! 

The Ugly

Some people can actually have an allergic reaction to the glue used to apply the eyelash extensions. If you ever experience any burning, discomfort or swelling of the eye then you are having an allergic reaction as those are all signs of a bad reaction to the glue. Another scary situation is that you can get lice attaching them self to you Extensions.

If that’s wasnt scary enough wait till you hear this part… it is recommended that you do not rub, tug, or pull on your eyelash extensions because you could actually lose or cause damage to your own natural healthy lashes! So in other words if you get seasonal allergies and your eyes get watery/irritated then eyelash extensions isn’t a good idea for you. I mean come on who doesn’t rub their eyes at least twice a day? .. the point is you have to be very careful handling your eyes. 

My finale thoughts and conclusion 

All though Eyelash Extensions gives us the lashes we’ve all wanted you should really spend some time researching the different local establishments that offer these services ,making sure that the technician is licensed or certified. If you decide this is something you definitely want to try just keep in mind to be super duper careful with your eyes, they are very high maintenance and can get pricey. If you do a good job at taking good care of them they look fabulous and give you an extra boost of self confidence and who doesn’t love that! 

On the flip side, if you decide heck no this isn’t for me then no worries! Falsies are a great alternative and easy to apply/remove on your own. You can also seriously enhance your natural lashes with a great mascara and some techniques on applying it … they won’t be as dramatic as the extensions but it’s a healthier,safer and stress free option! 

Hope you dolls found this useful and thank you for stopping by! 


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