Safety Tips for Trick-or-Treating 

Here comes all the spooky skeletons, broomstick riding witches, bloody vampires and carved pumpkins! The Halloween season is here and by now we are all getting in the Halloween spirit. 

Many Americans of all ages love to celebrate this date as Halloween is a fun time for all our little once ( and many adults too) since they get to be whatever they want for one night, but for us parents it’s also a time that we take extra procautions to avoid a true frightening night!! I have put together a few tips I find helpful to make this night as safe as possible for all. 

Trick-or-Treating Tips

  • Supervise your children – always go along with your little trick or treaters .
  • Make your children visible – I personally find it useful to give them glow necklaces/bracelets especially if they are wearing dark costumes ( plus little kids love glow sticks) .
  • Feed them a snack before heading out if they haven’t had dinner yet – this will likely discourage them from filling up on candy especially since you have yet inspected them.
  • Cross only on the corners – remind your little once to never run off without you and to not cross between parked cars. Remind them over and over again to look left and right before crossing at the corners.

Halloween Candy Safety Tips

  • Insist that all treats be brought home for careful inspections before anything is eaten. Remember when in doubt throw it out!(this goes for older kids too) .
  • For younger children remove any choking hazards such as gum, peanuts, hard candies and tiny toys.
  • Throw away candy or treats that are homemade, unwrapped or have torn wrapping .

For older kids ( Teens )

  • Make sure there carrying their phones on them with the GPS services turned on – most teens own cellphone and many of these smart phones have a build in tracker , but in case it doesn’t a great app to get for both Android and apple users is “ Find my Kids GPS Tracker”.
  • Establish a good and reasonable time for them to be back home.
  • Remind them to never go into a strangers home! 
  • Know who they are with – ask for the names and numbers of all kids they will be out trick-or-treating with and the parents as well. 

Hope you all find these tips useful and may your little critters have a very safe, spooky and Happy Halloween!!! 

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