We have Smartphones & Smart Watches…..How about Smart Tattoos? 

For thousands and thousands of years we have been marking our bodies with tattoos all over the world. Tattoos are a great way to express yourself, to showcase beautiful art and to even pay tribute towards a loved one. No matter what we choose to have inked on our skin one thing remains the same, it’s always personal…..but did you ever imagine that your body art could serve a different purpose, like perhaps monitor your health ?

What if I told you that your next tattoo (if you’re a tattoo lover) could be just as smart as our gadgets , let’s say a “Smart tattoo ‘ ? … no I’m not crazy ( maybe just a bit ) …believe it or not researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)  Media Lab have developed a Smart Tattoo that can potentially revolutionize blood sugar checks for diabetics along with other health needs.

I have a few tats of my own and not once did I ever imagined that my beautiful art could one day help monitor my health. Matter of fact when I first got my very first tattoo ( way back in the early 2000’s) my mom made a huge stink how the ink just ruined my blood and how bad it was for my health ( she’s super old school Spanish ) well that’s all about to change.

So how the heck does this Smart Tattoo work anyway? Here is the basic rundown on this game changing new development. Students from MIT have created a color changing tattoo ink that can monitor your glucose levels, dehydration and chemical balances of the blood. The research team was able to find a way to replace regular tattoo ink with liquid biosensors that in other words work just like a “mood ring” changing colors once it detects a change with your blood sugar, sodium,dehydration and PH levels. Your cool new Smart Tattoo will be paired with a sort of monitoring device like an app for your phone or smart watch.

Unfortunately we will have to wait a while before we can start sporting our super high tech tatts since this technology is still in research status and the developers have to work on a number of more technical deeper logistics such as,Will the ink remain in one place as time goes by or fade and will any other environmental or physical factors cause the ink to change colors and give a false reading ?

Regardless of the futur findings that the research may provide and wether we will be able to in the future utilize this Smart ink or not I believe this is a exiticing game changing technology opening the doors to a new horizon on monitoring our health.

References : www.media.mit.edu 

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